What Samaadhi Really Means – A devotee a

What Samaadhi Really Means – A devotee asked – “Please tell me about the significance of the word Samaadhi”. Swami replied: Every word has its true meaning and that alone should be taken for practice. When the true meaning becomes inconvenient, people try to link a false meaning with the word, which is very much convenient to them in practice. Such false meanings form the false knowledge, which is propagated by false preachers. The preacher, who propagates the true know… http://ow.ly/Knjf506cloS

How does astrology work? – For those of

How does astrology work? – For those of us that have investigated Astrology deliberately there is no doubt that crystal gazing has a great deal of truth in it. The inquiry that commonly emerges then is the means by which does Astrology work? By what method can the positions of the planets at the season of conception perhaps focus the character of an individual? Firstly, there is a sure measure of direct impact from the closest planets and specifically the moon. It is su… http://ow.ly/KLbd50662lr

Science and Technology in Ancient India

Science and Technology in Ancient India – Science and technology existed in ancient India to very high level in advanced state. Mathematics of Bhaskara, Astronomy of Arya Bhatta and Brahma Gupta, Geometry of Apasthamba, Bodhayana and Kaatyayana, Physics of Kanaada and Gowtama, chemistry of Rasaarnava, Aeronautics of Maya, Ayurveda of Charaka, Surgery of Sushruta, Economics of Chanakya, etc., were several advanced branches of science and technology. Brahmagupta establish… http://ow.ly/yjbY5063A8t

Pendants – Pendants is a hanging object,

Pendants – Pendants is a hanging object, generally attached to a necklace or an earring. Pendants always make for a meaningful gift for a loved one and is usually an intricate piece of jewelry that adds style and flair to your personality, therefore selecting the right one is very important. Pendants is a type of jewelry are often equipped with precious or semi precious stones. Pendants are related to Ornamentation, Ostentation, sexual symbols, religious symbols, symbol… http://ow.ly/NxAk505X8Fk

The ‘I’ in the context of action – Q.

The ‘I’ in the context of action – Q. “God is the doer of every action in this world. The devoted servant of God is not the doer at all and this point is also sincerely felt in the heart of such devotee. Therefore, the best is to surrender himself to God and recognize that the doer of every action is only God. Such total surrender is the better way than doing the service with the feeling of doer-ship in the heart”. Swami Replied: A patient suffering with fever is treate… http://ow.ly/NDYP505LWEt

Who is a Guru in Hinduism ? – Any one wh

Who is a Guru in Hinduism ? – Any one who can give us the light of knowledge on any subject, who can remove the darkness of ignorance, he is our Guru on that subject. For eg: we ask the way from someone on the road, and he shows us the way, then that guide becomes our guru, whether we consider him a guru or not. We dont need to form a bond with him. At the time of marriage, the Brahmin ties the bonds between the bride and the groom, and this bond remains for the lifetim… http://ow.ly/8a9Z505JypL